We enable and extend your social impact through end-to-end solutions in CSR-led skilling initiatives such as Setting up skilling / livelihood centers that are co-funded or self-funded, offering multi-trade, NSQF compliant training and RPL.

Skill Development

We manage the complete spectrum of activities for the establishment of such centers:

  •   Identification and build-up of the facility
  •   Selection of sectors and courses based on local needs, youth aspirations and employability opportunities in the region.
  •   Recruitment and training of trainers.
  •   Counseling and enrolment of the right-fit students into the programs based on interests in the sector.
  •   Delivery of programs including content procurement, session planning, formative and summative assessments
  •   Periodic reporting to Sponsors.
  •   Certification of students by recognised bodies.
  •   Facilitation of employment (wage, flexi, self or group).
  •   Outcome assessment and impact report.

On-site Training

We work with existing work forces to enable upskilling and multi-skilling ensuring that they are able to earn their wages as they acquire certification or acquire additional skills to grow up the rungs in their careers.

  •   Preparation of customised curriculum
  •   Set-up of training space on location
  •   Deployment of trained trainers.
  •   Delivery of lessons using appropriate pedagogy founded on adult-learning principals.
  •   On-the-job monitoring of trainee performance by trainer
  •   Certification
  •   Outcome measurement including productivity improvement/learning improvement
  •   Project reports and impact demonstration.

Recognition of Prior Learning

We manage the complete spectrum of activities for the establishment of such centers:

  •   Formalising the existing experiential learning into a tangible credible recognition by a certification from the Industry Sector Skill Council.
  •   Help identify gaps in the skill sets required to perform a certain job role and provide the necessary training to fill the gaps.
  •  GBET conducts a Pre-aassessment to guage the current level of competencis.
  •  Devises a bridge program based on training needs.
  •   Conducts a flexible training that enables the candidate to continue his work and earn simultaneously.
  •   Assesses and certifies.
  •   Measures outcome and demonstrates impact via reports.

Multi-Skill ITIs and Centers of Excellence

We facilitate the setting up of multi-skill ITIs or modernise existing it is through PPP collaboration Corporations interested in running Centers of Excellence to benefit local communities can partner with GBET to establish long term, high-quality educational establishments.

GBET will bring together different stakeholders in government and private sector to enable the viability of the project.