We work closely with schools for implementing vocational education as a means of early employment or a path for higher education. We offer tuition support and promote sports in schools as a form of holistic education.

Vocational education

Schools are the pillars of creating the right skills in the future generations. GBET encourages inculcation of skills form an early age thus enabling students to understand a multiple of career options available to them post schooling should they choose not to continue in the formal education stream.

  •   Outline curriculum and session plans
  •   Deploy trained teachers.
  •   Set up lab facility
  •   Manage delivery and operations.
  •   Manage outcomes, reports and certifications.

Tuition Support

Students in rural and urban slum areas often do not have enough incentives and the right environment at home to reinforce what they are learning in school leading to poor absorption and retention and thus low pass rate.

  •   Set up transmitting center where faculty conduct classes from
  •   Receiving centers are set up in several districts.
  •   Receiving centers have facilitators to coordinate the virtual classes.
  •   State level syllabus is followed.
  •   Classes in vernacular medium.
  •   Attendance, formative assessments and summative assessments are conducted ever term.

Sports in School

GBET is actively working with schools to better the sports implementation program. It is well-understood that the current focus of our education system is knowledge transfer.

  •   Designs grade-specific sports curriculum.
  •   Recruits, train and deploys teachers.
  •   Implements sports curriculums with outcome based tracking.
  •   Maintains progress reports and manages outcomes.
  •   Organises higher level sports coaching and interventions virtually
  •   Manage sports promotion projects and competitions in different regions
  •   Design and implement sports curriculum with defined milestones and outcomes