It is indeed a privilege in addressing you. Year has passed with leaps and bounds and we have crossed some more milestones. At every step we had the support and motivation provided by the confident parents, dedicated teachers and committed students.
Today, Gautam Buddha Educational Trust is growing from strength to strength with ethical professional practices and is recognized as a reputed name in education, skill training and placements.

In all these years of experience, I learnt one very simple yet very significant lesson, that the need of the society is like an ocean and the service we render are mere drops. So I am now determined to add as many drops of services and to fulfill the commitments of our mission.
Success of our students is the epicenter of our mission. We believe that success is about young generation transforming their lives with through education, knowledge, skill and abilities that can in turn, transform their families and broaden their communities.
I would like to assure all concerned, that we shall spare no efforts to dedicate for Mother India as global leader in education, skill training and employability of youth on Global Platform.