Need of The Hour

  •   Workers must be able to handle the modern machinery and technology at their disposal in factories. The industry also needs to focus on ‘green’ practices to maintain personnel and environmental safety.
  •   The Capital Goods Skill Council study projects the manpower requirement in 2022 based on current trend to be approximately 3.94 million.
  •   BSkilled labour and support facilities continue to lag behind global standards. In order to increase domestic employment in the sector, skilling has become a priority for the government. This necessitates quality skill training programs across India.
  •   ITI graduates require longer period of training to be industry ready.

Trades Covered Under Construction Sector

Stitching Operator (Footwear) Helper Finishing (Footwear) Buffing Operator
Skiving Operator (Footwear) Helper Finishing G&G Pre Assembly Operator
Cutter G&G Helper Parts Making (G&G) Dry Operation
Cutter (Footwear) Helper Finishing Operation Finished Leather Helper Bottom Making (Footwear)
Stitcher G&G Helper Wet Operation Post-tanning Machine Operator (FL)
Shaving Operator Lasting Operator (Footwear) Helper Upper Making Ver 1
Beam House Machine Operator Moulding Operator (Footwear) Drum Operator

GBET’s Impact

Skilling and reskilling programs impacted over 20000 women workers in export-oriented manufacturing units, Trained individuals gained expertise in footwear, goods and garments and fancy leather products. Commencing models to fuel the growth of domestic market by creating small-scale micro entrepreneurs