Need of The Hour

  •   While skilled labour will drive the growth of the apparel sector, in order to maintain quality of craftsmanship, apprenticeship should be promoted in the sector. Micro enterprises in rural and semi-urban areas must be fueled to generate sustainable livelihood for the communities, mitigating migration to cities suffering from the burden of overpopulation.

Trades Covered Under Apparel Made-Ups & Home Furnishing Sector

  •   Tailor
  •   Sewing Machine Operator
  •   Self Employed Tailor
  •   Sew and Repair Garments
  •   Stitcher(Goods & Garments)

GBET’s Impact

Fresh skilling and reskilling initiatives by GBET in the sector has improved quality and productivity of the industry. GBET has boosted bespoke tailoring for men by partnering with renowned companies to reskill individual master tailors. GBET has impacted rural and semi-urban communities by incubating individual and cluster-based micro enterprises or garment manufacturing units that run by the local communities in the region..