Vocational Education at School Level

  •   Early stage interventions in guiding students for transition from of world of knowledge to world of work through NSQF compliant
  •   vocational courses in different industry sectors
  •   Develop customized curriculum to meet local needs through appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities of the students for making them aware of various career options
  •   Complement the standard curriculum with vocational subjects representing different industry sectors
  •   Train the teachers with expertise from GBET and equip them with latest industry knowledge and skills
  •   Periodically monitor and measure attendance on various courses, assess the students and prepare report cards
  •   Implement the training programs in private schools through paid model and in government schools through corporate sponsorship

College Level

  •   College level skilling programs that create awareness about various employment options through skill-based jobs
  •   Increase employability of college students by providing them industry-specific skill development
  •   Facilitate work-integrated learning through Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) programs
  •   Offer short term skilling courses that prepare students for qualifications for NSQF levels 5, 6 and 7
  •   Offer supervisory level qualifications through sectoral knowledge and skills
  •   Provide linkages to higher education through Master of Vocation (M.Voc) programs

Continuing Education

  •   Interventions that promote equivalence of technical students, school and college dropouts through interoperable and flexible learning schemes
  •   Facilitate mainstreaming of vocational students from ITIs through NIOS bridge courses for 12 th standard qualification
  •   Provide linkages through NIOS programs for updating academic qualification while working on a job
  •   Prepare higher secondary dropouts for entry into B.Voc through flexible bridge courses from NIOS and multi skill centers

Sports Promotion and Management

  •   Designing curriculum which is age and grade appropriate
  •   Implementing the curriculum successfully
  •   Recruitment, training and deployment of trainers
  •   Specialised sports coaching
  •   Vocational education in Sports
  •   Developing sports Center of Excellence